Thank you for making this years Easter Circus... 


But what about my life back in the States?

The Jiggle Watts Burlesque Show

Live Circus Animals & Circus 


Laydee the bearded lady & Gemini Dai

Drag Performers 

Don't Miss Our Bunny Expo


Matthew Simpson, Founder and Producer

Easter Circus Presents Roxy Roca 

Performing Live Together At C- Boys Feb 18th @ 9 PM

Cyler the Bunny, Host and Entertainment Director

Many moons ago, on the morning of the very first Easter Circus, a single golden Easter egg was laid. At the stroke of midnight it burst apart, and from it was born Cyler the Bunny. Crushing injustice with his 8 inch heels, he spreads a message of love, acceptance, and equality to all who wish to enter the Easter Circus.

After settling into Austin seven years ago, Matthew Simpson sought to bring home a taste of his exploits as a world traveler to entertain his friends, and Matthew's Easter Circus was born. Soon, he realized that he could do more than just throw a smashing party--he could also make a difference in his community. Today, the Easter Circus also supports Equality Texas, the equal-rights lobbying nonprofit.

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